June 19, 2013

Poking Bad Guys in the Rain

When we were watering the flowers yesterday, which is now a favorite activity of ours,  I couldn't stop giggling at Austin and Eli.  Everything they do just makes me laugh-- Austin was in his own little world playing one of his creative games of poking imaginary bad guys (I think?) with grass blades.  It was so intense in his mind that I couldn't resist pulling the camera out to capture the moment :)

After being outside for a bit, it started to rain lightly and Eli seemed confused where it was coming from.  After he decided he was okay with it, he got overly excited... as you can see in the next picture.

 Austin enjoyed the rain too and started 'drinking' by putting raindrops in his mouth

My other favorite moment of the evening?  When Austin spotted the moon coming out.  He loved it, and seemed to be in awe...  so glad I had my camera for this one as well!

I'm not sure anyone else will appreciate these photos as much as I do-- but I'm just so happy I will have them to look back to and remember the moment!


Kerry Jane said...

These are awesome! It's the best when you have the camera out at a good time.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures shared. I can not get over Austin's expressions as he's poking the bad guys! lol!

Your blog is beautiful, Love you sis!

Allie said...

Your kids and your pictures are absolutely adorable! But in a boyish way, of course.