June 19, 2013

Poking Bad Guys in the Rain

When we were watering the flowers yesterday, which is now a favorite activity of ours,  I couldn't stop giggling at Austin and Eli.  Everything they do just makes me laugh-- Austin was in his own little world playing one of his creative games of poking imaginary bad guys (I think?) with grass blades.  It was so intense in his mind that I couldn't resist pulling the camera out to capture the moment :)

After being outside for a bit, it started to rain lightly and Eli seemed confused where it was coming from.  After he decided he was okay with it, he got overly excited... as you can see in the next picture.

 Austin enjoyed the rain too and started 'drinking' by putting raindrops in his mouth

My other favorite moment of the evening?  When Austin spotted the moon coming out.  He loved it, and seemed to be in awe...  so glad I had my camera for this one as well!

I'm not sure anyone else will appreciate these photos as much as I do-- but I'm just so happy I will have them to look back to and remember the moment!

June 9, 2013

Easter 2013

I know it's late... I've been so busy I haven't been able to keep up with everything!  Anyway, Easter this year was a lot of fun!  We had some friends come over to do an outdoor Easter egg hunt in our backyard on Saturday, the kids loved it :)

Then on Sunday, the Easter bunny came for the kiddos, they were pretty excited and loved their baskets!

This was silly Eli at church... he was being so goofy in the car, ha ha.

Family Easter photos!

May 26, 2013

March Events

March was a busy month!  It was a lot of work to continue unpacking and organizing our home after the move.  Austin had an incredibly difficult time sleeping at night, probably because everything seemed so new to him still, and he had nothing on the walls in his room for him to look at and feel comfortable.  We had to find some of my old paintings to hang up so he had something at least.  I want to paint a large oil painting of all the things he likes and put it above his bed... not sure when that will happen though.  Eli on the other hand, did well sleeping!  At least for a while.  I wish I knew some way I could make up for lost sleep...

Here are some memories from March:

Checked out the library-- they have some fun things for kids to do and play!

Went to story time!

 Found some parks in the area-- Austin found some monkey bars his height (uh oh)

And Eli just sat around looking cute

Kiddos got some free stuffed animals for shopping at AFW... 
they don't look too thrilled here, not sure why ha ha

Played with some new friends :)

Austin tried to dress himself, and was no too happy with his result...

We played pirate dress up...

The kids have been enjoying their chairs from Nini and Hiya

Austin's new cool-dude sunglasses, and fashion diaper

He insisted on trying out the ol' jumper swing again... and I couldn't stop laughing 

Eli has a weird habit of crawling backwards & upside-down... he's been doing it ever since he started crawling.  He lifts himself up with his head and his feet, like the photo shows, and then falls on his back- BAM.  And does it over and over again, and somehow gets across the room in less than a minute...  boys, right?

Austin learned how to use some tools

 He also learned about bandaids

We had some good days,

And some bad days.

And that pretty much sums it up!

April 17, 2013

February Events Cont.

Austin and Eli love to play (and fight) together already!  Every once in a while, we even catch them being sweet to each other.  Russell got this cute moment of them looking out the front window:

We've been to home depot a few times since we moved in... seems there's always something you need. Good thing they have free popcorn and cotton candy every once in a while!

We have absolutely loved grilling food since Russ' parents gave us their grill (thank you!)  This was our favorite dinner so far... it was delicious!

Sittin' out on the deck as a family is a favorite of mine... at least when it's not freezing cold out.  This spring has felt more like winter to me.  Go away snow!

Here's a shot of a lovely snowy day!  Although I love watching my boys play outside, I'm pretty excited for summer to come.

Austin also loved to look in the mirror while it was on the ground... maybe I should just take it down from the wall for them  :)  Although, it doesn't take long before it isn't a mirror anymore... rather a sticky messy finger painting

My all-time favorite picture of the boys!  I almost missed the moment when I was in the kitchen, but I happened to go in the living room just when Austin was reading a book to Eli.  This one's going on the wall!

April 16, 2013

February Events

It was pretty entertaining to watch Austin when we moved into our house.  He was thrilled about everything, and was literally jumping off the stairs, yelling, and exploring everywhere he could.  His aunt Hiya helped get him really excited about his room too by getting him some bedroom furniture and other fun things!  

Austin's art easel in his room... he drew this all by himself

Austin's desk beside mommy's desk-- perfect little learning corner for him!

 Playing in the garden :)

Playing with water on the deck

 He loves playing outside!

Eli has been enjoying himself just as much as Austin :)   One of his favorite things to do is crawl (backwards) under all sorts of things!  He happens to love underneath Austin's bed, and they giggle together while playing monsters under the bed.

He loved having the mirror on the ground for 3 months until we put it up on the wall... now that it's up, I miss having it on the ground for him to play with  :)

What a smile!

No one could've guessed we had berries for breakfast

Eli loves to roll around all over the floor-- 
what a handsome little boy, I just love him and especially his cheeks!

(Oh, and I was kidding about how Austin drew on the whiteboard by himself... it was actually Eli.  We have very talented kids!)